Monday, December 30, 2013

Cubs Breakdown - 2013 Topps Supreme

2013 Topps Supreme
Surprise!  Topps managed to pull off a bit of a holiday season surprise by issuing Topps Supreme baseball with basically no pre-announcement and no fanfare.  The first time I heard anything about this set was the day before it was issued.  And I have to say that this is one of the most unusual issues I can ever remember from Topps.

What makes it unusual?  Well for starters, it is only being sold in asian markets.  To get it in the U.S., you would have order it from a dealer across the Pacific.  Dave & Adam's partnered with some asian dealers to run a few group breaks, which provides the only cards I have seen from this issue.  And I don't believe Topps has issued a checklist for this product, so information is somewhat limited early on here.

Some other observations about this issue include the fact that the card design is pretty good.  Topps has been using something very similar in their Supreme football brand for a couple of years now, and it a pretty pleasing design.  Too bad they didn't use this design on Tier One.  Also, the player selection is VERY eclectic.  A number of super high end autos are in this issue (Koufax, Aaron, Puig, Harper, Trout), along with some interesting retired guys we don't see very often (Kevin Mitchell, Dan Gladden, Mike Greenwell), and then there are cards like the two Bryan Lahair cards as a member of the Cubs (Lahair played in Japan in 2013, so I can kind of understand these).  We also get the first ever licensed autograph card of Junior Lake.  But overall, just a very interesting mix of players. 

Most of the pics below are from the group breaks I mentioned above.  So the quality isn't very good.  But I have only seen two cards from this issue listed on eBay in the two weeks since these first hit the market.  So I have a feeling these cards may be very tough to come by in the U.S. market going forward.  I will make updates below as they become available.  Enjoy!

This checklist is likely incomplete.
Base Autos - 8 Versions - Base (#/50), Sepia (#/35), Red (#/25), Blue (#/20), Orange (#/15), Green (#/10), Black (#/5), Platinum (1/1), plus four colors of autographed printing plates
Bryan LaHair
Ernie Banks
Fergie Jenkins

Supreme Stylings Autos - 8 Versions - Base (#/50), Sepia (#/35), Red (#/25), Blue (#/20), Orange (#/15), Green (#/10), Black (#/5), Platinum (1/1), plus four colors of autographed printing plates
Anthony Rizzo
Bryan LaHair
Junior Lake

Kanji Relic Autos (details unknown)

Dual Autos - 3 Versions - Base (#/25), Dual Relic Auto (#/5), and Dual Patch Auto (1/1)

Triple Autos (#/5)
Quad Autos (#/5)
Six Player Autos (#/5)

Patch Autos - 3 Versions - Base (#/25), Platinum (#/5), and Supreme (1/1)
Anthony Rizzo

Two Player Dual Patch Auto Book Cards - 2 Versions - Base (#/10) and Platinum (1/1)


  1. even more Rizzo cards, can't seem to keep up with them :-)

  2. It's definitely a challenge to keep up with all the new issues. Hope you were the buyer on the Rizzo from this issue that sold on eBay today!